Even Ha'Ezer

EH Class 005: Siman 2

Marrying for money Marrying from a good lineage. Marrying from a family whose lineage is in dispute.

EH Class 004: Siman 1

The Cherem of Rabbeinu Gershon to not marry more than one wife and to not force a wife to accept a get. It is good to enact a rule prohibiting men from having more than one wife. What to do if a man swears not to marry another woman. A woman is not obligated in …

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EH Class 003: Siman 1

If a man’s wife dies but he already has children, he should remarry. REMA says maybe not. A man can marry several wives – if he can support them all

EH Class 002: Siman 1

Learning Torah full-time can exempt a man from marriage Once a man has a son and a daughter, he is exempt from the mitzvah of having more children. If a child dies during the father’s lifetime, there are still cases where the father will be considered as having fulfilled the commandment to have children. There …

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EH Class 001: Siman 1

A man is obligated to get married and have children. A man can sell a sefer Torah in order to get married. A man should get married at age 18, though he can get married earlier. Beis Din would force a man to get married if he was not married by age 20, but this …

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