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We offer courses which lead to Rabbinical certificates in Mishneh Berureh, Yoreh Deah, and now Even Ha’Ezer!
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Our three published books available for sale exclusively on Amazon

Mishnan Berurah Volume 1

Mishnah Berurah Volume 2

Even Ha’Ezer

Dozens of students have taken our courses and received “Semicha“.
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Complete a full course and receive a Certificate of Semicha!

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Watch as Rabbi Shmuel Katz explains how to separate Terumah, Maaser and take Challah, as taught in the Yoreh Deah course.

Free videos from the Shemita 1 and Shemita 2 courses

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Graduates of our courses can obtain Semicha (Rabbinical Ordination)

Interesting Tests

The best feature of our course: Our test questions are based on real-life situations, and not just dry facts.

MP3 Classes

Each course has dozens of MP3 classes that guide you through the Shulchan Aruch page-by-page. Classes can be played in your browser or downloaded to your MP3 device.

Build Relevant Skill

The courses go through all the sections of the Shulchan Aruch, but with emphasis on laws which are relevant today.

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Courses are all online in an easy-to-use format, using industry-leading software for the best presentation.

Learn From The Professionals

Rabbi Katz has taught all of Shulchan Aruch, as well as several cycles of the Daf Yomi program.

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